Our Belief

We are technology enthusiasts believing that humanity is only at its early development. We are driven by the need to improve the world around us by developing products that make our life more pleasant and joyful.

We work on medical products solving problems that really matter, we work on automotive projects unlocking the world around us and we work with IoT devices to make our surroundings smarter and give us more time to enjoy the life. We want to shape the world around us to make this planet a really amazing place to live.

And what drives you?

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We dream, we prototype and we make it happen. We are a team of energetic and experienced manufacturers, engineers and designers in Europe and Asia dedicated to helping build and scale innovative hardware products.

Be an integral component of Pilotfish’s design process from start to finish.


You will work on actual projects, under the mentorship of senior Pilotfish designers. You will experience the life of a designer and be involved in client projects, being given responsibility for particular segments of the work for both renowned companies such as Samsung, Kia, BMW, as well as some of the most promising start-ups. We will welcome you in our international, multicultural and multidisciplinary team, constantly shaping both your and our future towards the greatest it can be.


Want to become part of the Pilotfish family?

Then we’re looking forward to receiving your portfolio, resume and motivation at jobs@pilotfish.eu.

Think you would be a good fit for Pilotfish?
Feel free to send your portfolio, resume and motivation letter to jobs@pilotfish.eu

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